The Beach

The Versilian beach consists in very fine sand and is thus ideal for children and adults. We are looking after the cleanness of the sand by carefully raking and cleaning it every evening. We guarantee 3 m of space between one row of sunshades and the other and 7/8 meters between one row and the other. Our sea is enchanting and the sea becomes deep gradually. This is how we can satisfy the needs of lovers of water sports like swimming or canoeing. You may take long walks on the seaside to Viareggio or Marina di Pietrasanta. Your children can safely take a bath as we provide a lifeguard from 9am to 7 pm.
After a nice swim it is delightful to relax under a sunshade and to get a beautiful suntan.
To conclude the day, enjoy a spectacular sunset from our terrace. From here you can look from the ligurian coast to Viareggio passing the Lido di Camaiore pier. When the sight is clear you can even the the island of Gorgona. In our bar you can enjoy all this with an aperitif.