The Bar
A good day starts with a good coffee.
Located on the beach, it offers a wide assortment of drinks, ice cream, slushes and aperitifs at any time.
In the morning, a good morning is guaranteed, preparing excellent coffee, cappuccino or freshly squeezed juices.
The wide choice of pastries and pastry croissants will cheer your palate together with the express muffins, stuffed according to your tastes.
Always at Bagno Sole, at 16 the snack time starts.
The traditional loudspeaker announcement will warn you that the famous hot donuts, nutella donuts, hot nutella wraps, sliced pizza and fresh watermelon will be ready. Not bad right?
Before dinner, of course, the appointment with the aperitifs is inevitable, highly appreciated by our customers, which can also be served on the veranda.
Always available to satisfy any request.
Il bar del Bagno Sole